Reachable Resolutions For College Students 2017 Roundup

Have you been putting off reading our blog? (One of our tips to stop procrastinating was to spend less time on social media and the like, so we can’t be too upset.) If so, you may have missed our reachable New Year’s resolutions series, in which we shared ideas that may not only improve your college experience, but also your lifestyle.

Here are our four reachable resolutions for 2017:

Reachable Resolution Roundup

Reachable Resolution #1: Get Involved

If college is the first time you’ve been away from home, like many students, you may feel lonely or overwhelmed. We understand. That’s why we offer many opportunities to get involved on campus, have fun and build new friendships. Browse our calendar of events and activities and the list of clubs, or form a study group with your classmates.

Reachable Resolution #2: Read More

Reading has many benefits, and the key to reaping those benefits is to create a daily reading habit. Carry your books everywhere you go to take advantage of your downtime, schedule time to read every day, eliminate distractions, and explore different styles and genres that interest you.

Reachable Resolution #3: Reduce Stress

Not all stresses can be avoided. But you can try these proactive counter strategies: take breaks (read the post to see how often and for how long), practice yoga and meditation, get more sleep, and find a creative outlet.

Reachable Resolution #4: Stop Procrastinating

We’ve all struggled with procrastination at one point in our lives (at least). Responsibilities can pile up if you don’t have a plan to check them off, which can impact your motivation to start. Make a to-do list each week and apply the 2-Minute Rule (learn more in the post). When it’s time to study and do homework, unplug from social media and other distracting sites and your phone.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to take action or come up with your own reachable resolutions. Here’s to a successful 2017.

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