The Post Tree

Planted more than half a century ago, the Post Tree is an apt symbol of the past, present, and future of Post University. The roots are grounded in education with the soil representing the community of support that nourishes each and every student. As the tree continues to grow year after year, sprouting new leaves and branches that represent leaving behind old thinking to make room for new ideas and new opportunities.

Designated in 2014 as one of Connecticut’s Notable Trees, this Camperdown Elm continues to represent the vibrant life of the University from its high caliber of academics to a thriving student culture, on campus and online. It’s no surprise the Post Tree has become a favorite site for commencements and photo “opps” alike, connecting an entire learning community through memories captured and achievements honored.

The Post Tree Infographic


  1. What a gorgeous tree! I had no idea the logo was an actual tree on campus. I love the history and meaning behind it. I am writing a school profile about Post and would love to include the history of the tree in it.

  2. Wow! Thank you for such an interesting post! This tree is really awesome. It is very important for each university to have its history in the symbols, that bring back to the past and will give the opportunity to see into the future.

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