Back to School Stories

Post’s faculty relives some of their memorable moments

Brush off those old Trapper Keepers, Spacemakers, TI-89 calculators, and Five Star notebooks. School is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited for it to begin! In honor of fall classes starting, we asked our staff to share some fond memories they had in the classroom.

The end of summer neared and I awaited the first-day high school with excited anticipation! I was a bundle of nerves thinking about the first week and how the school year would unfold.  Who would be in my first-period class?  Was pre-calculus going to be a huge challenge or a piece of cake? Which teachers did I have for English and History? And how was I going to fit in on the high school soccer team?

The first week was a success, culminating in the decision to enter the race for class Vice President.  It was a great experience to run a campaign with the help of my friends, Christina (my best friend since third grade) and a new friend who I met on the first day in homeroom – Lisa.  I won and went on to hold the office through my senior year. But, the icing on the cake was my new lifelong friend.  To this day, Christina and Lisa are part of my daily life and I couldn’t be luckier to have such strong, amazing, supportive friends.

Melissa Santos / Academic Program Manager – Management

The first day of school I would always personally approach the instructor after class to make sure he/she knew my name and face. A philosophy class entitled, “The Question of God” was a favorite class because it provided me the opportunity to explore many religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and how our beliefs shape our understanding of who we are and the world around us.

Sandra Wilson / Academic Program Manager – Criminal Justice

I was not the best student in the beginning of the year.  Probably wanted more summer. My favorite class was Early American Political History.

My first-day ritual: Wake up and check the weather to see if any of the new clothes I bought were appropriate.  Memorize my class schedule and review the campus map, madly hoping that I could find my classes and get there on time.

Cynthia Anger / Academic Program Manager – MPA Program,  and Co-Director – Undergraduate Public Service Programs

I loved school and everything about it, and couldn’t wait to begin college.  I had always wanted to be one of those college students in the movies who sat in a cafe sipping coffee having intellectual conversations…but I didn’t like coffee and Starbucks didn’t exist yet!  However, there were study groups, clubs, sporting events, social gatherings, and more.  College was very different than my vision.  It was much better than I even imagined!

My favorite class was Systems Analysis, a computer programming course.  I had to design and program a business management system, create a user manual, and teach the business owner (who was a real person, with a real business) how to use it.

Elizabeth Kranz / Associate Academic Program Manager – Mathematics

I only had one first day, see I started and never stopped attending until I was done. I did not take summers off or terms off. I do recall my first day of college was met with a lot of nerves and anxiety. When I graduated high school I went straight into the Army, after that, I started college. I went through 3 very different lifestyles in a matter of a few years. I do recall being lost on campus and asking for a lot of directions. The best thing to come out of it was my two best friends. I arrived at class and explained I was so lost – they too had the same experience. It has been a decade, or two, since and we are still the best of friends.

My favorite class was French! We used to start the class every day with a song. I loved that song; it was called Alouette. It was about a lark. In fact, when both of my kids were babies, I would sing it to them. Some things just stay with you; I can hear it playing in my head now. It brings a smile to my face. The instructor was fantastic; I attribute the fact that I can recall the song in French to this day to her style of teaching.

Lee Ann Walker / Academic Program Manager – MBA Marketing

I remember being first in line at the bus stop, with my lunch box, pigtails and school uniform on just so I could sit next to Billy my “boyfriend”. Keep in mind that this was 1975 and my first day of kindergarten.

Sara Lopez, Psy. D., LCPC-C / Academic Program Manager – Master of Science in Human Services

While I did well in school, I had to study like crazy.  I’m a big note taker and list maker to this day.

Bonnie Zownir – Academic Program Manager / Undergraduate Marketing

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  1. Anita Goerig, Associate Faculty Post University

    Reviewing the many comments of the APM’s at Post I reflect on my own memorable experiences while at Bethel High School. A favorite teacher was Mrs. Emerson, an English instructor who was passionate about the subject and teaching her students. Her passionate resonates with me today as I teach my own students marketing courses in Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Marketing Management. Engagement + Passion = Quality education.

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