Who You Gonna Call?

The Female Leadership Revolution


A new, all-female version of the classic film Ghostbusters is about to shake up the way women are portrayed in comedy and in other industries once dominated by men. In Ghostbusters, as in the larger professional sphere, women are stronger and more confident than ever — and they are also more likely to be the targets of ill-conceived reputational attacks. Despite this negativity, this new generation of influential women is not about to back down. The cast of Ghostbusters continues to stand strong in the face of adversity, and females in the business industry are eager to do the same.

Continued Controversy

Female comics have long been controversial — particularly those who ditch the romantic comedy approach and embrace a style of comedy that has typically been associated with men. The ladies of Ghostbusters may be the most controversial comedians of all. Shortly after the film’s trailer was released, critics launched a concerted effort to attract as many YouTube thumbs down as possible. Their efforts succeeded, and, as the New York Times reports, the Ghostbusters trailer is now the most disliked YouTube trailer in history. Sadly, this digital backlash has taken the attention away from the impressive achievements of the film’s all-female cast.

Women who dare extend their reach beyond society’s expected narrative consistently receive unwarranted backlash. This is true in both business and comedy, where women are often thought of as less capable than their male counterparts. Thankfully, talented and hardworking women are making every effort to combat negative perceptions — and if they step on a few toes in the process, so be it. In the world of comedy, their efforts have led to the brilliance of Bridesmaids and, more recently, the Ghostbusters reboot. In business, women break down barriers every day by demonstrating that their leadership skills are just as extensive as those offered by men, who have long dominated the business environment.

Ghostbusters and the Business Sphere: The Role of Female Leadership

While asserting their newfound dominance in the separate spheres of comedy and business, women are increasingly highlighting the unique strengths that they bring to the table. Female-oriented comedy can be both powerful and empowering, but often in a distinctive and refreshing way. Likewise, women in business bring a distinctive set of skills to the table, many of which have traditionally been ignored. Chief among these, according to Fortune, is empathy. Numerous studies indicate that women are powerfully empathetic; this belief was most recently reflected in a study published in Royal Society Open Science. Empathy builds better communication, which is imperative in today’s hyperconnected world.

Aspiring comics and business students share the same desire to make a difference in their respective fields, all while busting stubborn glass ceilings. The release of Ghostbusters indicates that chips are emerging in the comedy-based glass ceiling; now, it is time for female MBA students and professionals to achieve the same influence in the business world.

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