Post’s Honors Program offers academically and culturally enriching experience

For highly motivated and academically accomplished students, Post offers a unique Honors Program that provides an academically and culturally enriching experience that fosters intellectual growth, inspires leadership, and builds a foundation for lifelong learning. The program, which enters into its fourth year this fall, combines a challenging academic program with cultural activities, career training, and independent research projects. Honors Program students have the opportunity to graduate with Honors Program Distinction.

Two students studying outside“In our Honors Program, students are expected to engage in robust discussions, pursue their interests through research projects and presentations, and truly take ownership for their own learning,” said Linda Kobylarz, Director of the Honors Program. “All of the students in our program are highly motivated and bring energy to their studies.”

Incoming freshmen and transfer students who meet the Honors Program qualifications  will receive an invitation upon their acceptance to the University.  Main Campus returning students who meet the eligibility requirements are invited to join the Honors Program at the beginning of each semester. However, once students meet the requirements, they can enroll at any time.

Honors classes are very small, usually five to 12 students, and each class provides an exciting forum for students to work closely with their professors and peers. The courses are taught by highly experienced faculty and a strong emphasis is put on research assignments and presentations.

There is also an option to “honorize” a course, by taking a regular class and doing an Honors Course Contract for that class to get Honors credits. To do this, students work with their professor to determine what activities and projects will be done in addition to the regular assignments to bring that class up to Honors-level. If the contract is successfully completed, that course appears as an Honors course on the student’s transcript.

Honors Program students expand their college experience through numerous culturally enriching trips at no cost to them. These trips include visits to Broadway shows, museums, ballets, symphonies, live theatre, and more.

“The culture the program provides you with, from different trips to symphonies, musicals, and museums, it’s something you don’t necessarily think about when you first come in as a college student, but once you’re involved in it you realize how helpful it is,” said 2015 graduate and Honors Program student Miranda Polaski. “It’s not something I would have done otherwise, so I’m really glad I had that opportunity to do so many different things.”

A major aspect of the Honors Program is professional development and a goal of the program is to prepare each student for future employment through real-world application and career training.

“Working with Professor Kobylarz on resumes and cover letters has really helped me prepare for my future,” said 2015 graduate and Honors student Andrea Brown. “I’ve learned how to network, how to effectively talk to people in interviews; I’m so grateful to have been a part of the Honors Program.”

Whether it’s going on to graduate school, finding an internship or landing a full-time job, Honors Program students work closely with Kobylarz to develop a plan for their academic and career success.

“The Honors Program is a powerful addition to a student’s resume,” said Kobylarz. “It speaks of academic excellence, motivation, and going beyond the ordinary. Just the kind of traits employers seek in students for internships and potential employees.”

Students have an opportunity to develop leadership skills through the Honors Program Student Advisory Council. The members of the Council are elected by their peers. The Council represents the voice of the Honors Program students in the Student Government Association (SGA), as well as serves to bring ideas and suggestions to the Honors Program Committee.

For more information on Post University’s Honors Program visit the program website, or contact Honors Program Director Linda Kobylarz at

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