Post in the Media – Greek debt, student loans and more

Post University and its faculty and staff have been in the news several times recently, offering up professional advice and contributing expertise to publications across the nation.

Here’s a recap of the latest headlines to hit the news:

screenshot of an Accounting Today article featuring Alisa Hunt

Alisa Hunt provided her insights on the Greek debt crisis in an Accounting Today article.

Poor accounting led to Greek debt crisis

Alisa Hunt, Academic Program Manager for Post’s Master of Science in Accounting program, was the source of an Accounting Today article on the Greek debt crisis. Hunt highlighted Greece’s short history of accounting training and limited number of certified public accountants as part of the nation’s current downfall. A history of corruption and tax evasion in Greece is also a major factor contribution to the debt issue, according to Hunt.

Tips for students thinking about loans

A Wallet Hub piece detailing the best and worst states for student debtincluded the advice of Chief Financial Officer Scott Allen. Allen urged students who plan to borrow to take out no more than what they need to cover the cost of their tuition. Taking advantage of repayment incentives and considering early repayment with no pre-payment penalties was also something Allen felt students should consider.

Post grad climbs the ranks in local police department

The accomplishments of a Post University 2014 Master of Public Administration graduate, Cara Foriter, were highlighted in a Shelton Herald article. Fortier was promoted to sergeant in the Cheshire, CT Police Department in July, a first for a female in the department in over 60 years. She detailed her experience in the department and what the promotion means to her and her family.

Count your credits before you commit

A recent article in Military Times on how to best transfer college creditsfeatured the insights of Charles Young, Director of Military Field Enrollment. Young advised military students to ask college and university admissions departments for a form detailing exactly what credits they have that will fall within a particular degree track before enrolling.

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