Five tips for our incoming Main Campus students

This month, colleges and universities across the nation will be welcoming the Class of 2019 on to campus. The college journey starts with questions and curiosity for many freshman, who often find it challenging to adapt to their new surroundings and educational requirements. Here at Post we want students to make the most of their college experience in every aspect, and become ingrained in the positive, learning culture we’ve created.

To do so, here are a few tips for incoming Main Campus students on adjusting to college life:

Post students studying together at a table

Post students studying together

Find the right balance 

To do so, here are a few tips for incoming Main Campus students on adjusting to college life:The beauty of a college campus is the endless amount of opportunities. From clubs and activities to athletics to student trips and so on, there will be no shortage of chances to have fun and enjoy yourself. However, finding a balance between your social life and your academics is vital. Prioritize your time and make sure you’re paying enough attention to your studies in addition to your social life.

Adjust to the social aspect

For many students, college will be the first experience living away from home. Setting your own schedule, making many of your own decisions and meeting new people is all part of the freshman experience. Some will ease themselves in and others will jump right in, but either way becoming socially acclimated with your surroundings and with the classmates you’ll be spending the next four years with is very important. Get to know people, ask questions and feel a part of the Post family – because you are!

Get involved

The more involved a student is, the more connected they are to the university, and the more successful they will become. Your college experience is what you make of it, and we have a wide variety of options to make it whatever you’d like. Whether it’s the Sustainability Committee or the Sprint Football squad, there’s something at Post for everyone and getting involved will truly enhance your time here. Find out what’s right for you and sign up, you won’t regret it.

Make the most of Orientation

Later this week you will all be on campus for Orientation 2015. This weekend event is intended to welcome you to Post and is filled with helpful information and advice for YOU. Make this a learning experience and an opportunity to get to know the many resources available to you. Faculty, staff and your Orientation Leaders are all here to help!

Utilize your resources

The support doesn’t stop after Orientation, everyone at Post is here to help you year round! Our ultimate goal is for you to be a successful person and student, and we have many resources to support you on your journey. Maybe your struggling in a math course, having a hard time choosing a major or maybe you just need someone to talk to, whatever it is, Post’s faculty and staff are here to assist – so make those connections and utilize all that is offered to you!

We look forward to welcoming you to campus, Class of 2019!

Erica Peryga is the Dean of Students at Post University. Peryga has been in the Student Affairs field for 16 years. Throughout her career she has worked as a Residence Director, Area Coordinator, Director of Residence Life, Assistant Dean of Students and Dean of Students. Peryga earned her Master of Education in Counselor Education with a concentration in Higher Education Administration from Clemson University.  

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