Photos: Post goes to Paris for Spring Break Study Tour

A group of Post students, accompanied by John Rohlfing, Professor of Art, and Linda Kobylarz, Director of Post’s Honors Program, visited Paris this month for a Spring Break Study Tour! To share their incredible journey, we’ve collected photos of their trip, highlighting their excursions to some of Paris’ cornerstone charms!


Students smiling at airport baggage claim.
Arriving at the airport in New York City, ready for departure!

Group shot of students, professors, with Eeiffel Tower in background.
The Eiffel Tower, of course!


The group at the Louvre Museum. .
The Post group, with the Mona Lisa in the background, at the Louvre Museum.
The Arc at the center of Paris.
A visit to Paris’ famed Arc de Triomphe.
The group on the grounds of Palace of Versailles.
Taking in the sights at The Palace of Versailles, a royal chateau outside Paris.
Looking down at the Musee d' Orsay.
A shot from the balcony of the Musee d’ Orsay.

The group waves goodbye.
The group bidding adieu to Paris!


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