Post in the media: Homeland security, holiday layoffs and hiring hikes

Post University and its faculty and staff have been in the news several times recently, offering up professional advice and contributing expertise to print and online publications across the nation.

Here’s a recap of the latest headlines to hit the news:

Hiring the right person for the job

Screen shot of President Don Mroz's insights appeared in a recent article.

President Don Mroz’s insights appeared
in a recent article.

President Don Mroz shares his insights on how businesses that are bouncing back from the “Great Recession” are approaching hiring new talent in an article for Mroz explained that a high school degree, or even an undergraduate degree in some cases, is not enough, and that businesses want to add highly skilled, critical thinkers to their workforce. This article also ran on and Morning Sun.

The growing need for EMH skills

 David Jannetty, Academic Program Manager for Post’s Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EMH) program, shared his insights on the need for EMH programs at the undergraduate level in USA Today’s special ‘Homeland Security’ print edition. Jannetty discussed the need for EMH degrees for positions from entry-level to the executive level and how Post chose to shape their EMH program around practical experience.

Dealing with unhappy holidays

Managing uncertainty when laying off employees during the holiday season was a topic Don Kelly, Vice President of Human Resources, discussed in a recent story for Fast Company. Kelly stressed the importance of being clear that the layoff is the end of the action, in order to increase morale and help employees be able to firmly move forward.

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