My Post Experience: Sonia Ramirez; A journey of higher education

In 2012, Sonia Ramirez found herself at an intersection in her career. She was searching for a way to bring additional value into the organization she worked for and was eager to continue growing professionally.

When she hit this benchmark, Ramirez, the Managing Director of Operations at the YWCA of the City of New York, a non-profit organization, decided she was going to begin a journey.

Sonia Ramirez with her diploma on Post's campus.

After researching universities and areas of study, Ramirez enrolled in Post’s Master of Public Administration program.

“The starting point of that journey had to begin with enrolling in a competitive master’s degree program,” she said. “Post gave me the flexibility that I needed to manage my job and the ability to further my education,” she said.  “Knowing that I wanted to continue working in the non-profit sector, I needed to find a program that was going to challenge and stimulate me while learning from real-world experiences in public administration.”

The YWCA NYC, (Young Women’s Christian Association), offers workforce readiness, daycare, after school, high school and college bound initiatives, and girls programming to New York City girls, women and their families. In her current role, Ramirez manages three city-funded early learning centers, ensuring they provide high quality early childhood education to over 120 children. Ramirez credits the interaction with her classmates and professors as a major factor in growing her managerial and leadership skills and helping her achieve organizational success.

“With Post’s MPA degree graduate students incorporate what they have learned and apply these new skills in their work environment,” she said.  “One of the most instrumental qualities I learned in the MPA program was how to become an effective leader and how to indoctrinate and manage workplace culture. The program taught me how to apply advanced leadership skills when managing a cadre of people and the importance of building trusting relationships with the people I supervise.”

In May 2014, Ramirez completed her journey when she earned her Master of Public Administration from Post.

“After you graduate, it’s important to take time and reflect on the journey and opportunities presented in a graduate degree program,” she said. “The MPA program increased my ability to manage complex situations and effectively implement organizational philosophy and policies. The MPA program offers a great, multi-dimensional education.”

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