#PostAdvice offered up for incoming students

With the start of the fall semester and the kickoff of MOD 1 right around the corner, we asked Post students, faculty and staff, and alumni to offer up their advice to incoming online and on-campus students.

#PostAdvice graphicWe asked, and you answered. From shower sandals to managing an online course workload, tips for this year’s new students came in from across social media. From LinkedIn, to Twitter, to Facebook and Google+, #PostAdvice was used to share great advice and wisdom from people who have either been an incoming student at Post or worked with new students.  The collection has formed a great resource for all new student.

Post University President Don Mroz started it off by providing his advice via his new Twitter handle @PostPrez: “Go to class, study hard, enjoy your friends, and have integrity!  And be respectful of others!  Appreciate differences!”

Several Post alums shared their experiences and words of wisdom on LinkedIn. Current MBA student and U.S. Army member Carlos Reyes told the incoming students the following:  “For the online students: Once the class starts, know exactly what each Unit requirements are, this will allow you to prioritize your weekly work in a way that will set you up for success. Make sure those requirements are met and then go back and cover all the material once again as a review. Each Unit is loaded with an abundance of information and it requires several hours to cover it, keeping the eyes on the ball will minimize stress and help you balance everyday life and college. Good luck!”

With academic advice offered up for students in the classroom and online, Post’s Head Baseball Coach shared a tip on his Twitter for students who will be living in the dorms this fall:  “Shower shoes! Don’t come to college without them.”

Whether you’re joining Post on-campus or online you’ll want to take a look at this complete list of advice before your begin your semester in a few weeks. View the full list of advice here.

Welcome to Post!

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