Trip to New York Stock Exchange connects the dots for business students

It’s one thing to learn about a topic in a classroom; it’s another thing to see it play out in front of your eyes. A contingent of students and professors from the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business recently embarked on the school’s third annual trip to the world’s largest trading post, the New York Stock Exchange.

Post students on the floor of the NYSE.

A group of Post students and professors visited the New York Stock Exchange this spring.

Yeimi Suarez, a sophomore studying accounting on the campus of Post University, decided to go on the trip to New York City after hearing what a beneficial experience it was from previous students who attended, and she’s glad she did.

Suarez had studied the basics of trading in her first and second year business courses, but actually being inside the building and feeling the buzz that emitted from the stock exchange floor was a rush.

“So many things we had previously discussed in Financial Accounting we were able to see play out and discuss on the trip,” she said. “It’s great to learn these things in the classroom, but to see how it actually works and go out and learn it in the real world was really special.”

One of the leaders of the trip, Art Mollengarden, the Academic Program Manager for Post’s Marketing Department, which sponsors the trip each year, said he feels visits like these are an integral part in the learning process for all students.

“An important underpinning to the educational experience we provide our students is to connect the dots between the concepts and theories discussed in the classroom and practical application in real- world scenarios,” said Mollengarden.

Trips like the one to the New York Stock Exchange are something Post students get to experience often, thanks to the value the university places on in-the-field education.

“Clearly, this is in keeping with Post’s emphasis on being student focused and career driven,” said Mollengarden.

The trip influenced Suarez so much that she is now looking for an internship where she can apply the knowledge and skills necessary to find a job in the financial sector.

“I think it would be amazing to be able to work in that field,” she said. “This trip showed me how great that could be.”

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