Post in the Media: “Soft skills”, taking over a team, and more

Post University and its faculty and staff have been in the news several times recently, offering up professional advice and contributing expertise to print and online publications across the nation.

Here’s a recap of the latest headlines to hit the news:

Screenshot of

President Don Mroz’s authored piece in

Building a foundation upon “soft skills”

Post University President Don Mroz explained how developing “soft skills” can boost innovation inside an organization in a piece he authored for In it Mroz outlined the importance of creating a culture of trust and staying transparent as two major steps to take in the development of “soft skills”. He also said he feels that thinking critically, communicating effectively, and brainstorming creative ideas needs to become part of the standard curricula in America to build a more innovative nation.

Thinking outside the box

An Investor’s Business Daily piece highlighted Don Mroz’s ways of using creativity and collaboration to rally a staff.  Mroz mentioned in the piece how he and his executive team recently worked alongside Post students to revamp campus rules and procedures. He also urged employers to get their teams thinking differently and to ask their employees the tough questions.

Running a new team

Doug Brown, Academic Program Manager for the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, shared his thoughts on taking over a supervisory role with an existing group in a recent Chicago Tribune article. Brown discussed cultivating change within the workplace and recommended that new managers pay attention to both what is being said, and what is not being said, in initial conversations with employees. He also explained why outsider managers joining a new team should ask plenty of “Why?” questions. This article also ran in the Chicago Tribune’s “Jobs” sectionSun SentinelThe Hartford Courant, and Morning Call.

Post keeping tuition flat

An article ran in the Hartford Business Journal on Post University’s plan to keep Main Campus tuition flat for the coming school year. The brief announced that Post’s tuition will remain at $26,250 in 2014-15, and that the price of living in residence halls will also mainly stay the same, with some minor tweaks.

A little bit goes a long way

Creating personal relationships with remote workers can be difficult, but Doug Brown offered up some great suggestions in a recent Business Insider article.  Brown suggested keeping a workspace available for remote employees for when they are in the office, so they feel like a member of the team. He added that even small steps, like opening an email in a conversational tone, can go a long way when interacting with remote employees. This piece also appeared in Career Advisor Daily and Daily Geek.

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