Post Leaders Share Their Expertise

As the Post community gears up for our Commencement ceremony in May, I wanted to share some words of wisdom provided by our faculty and staff, which has appeared in various media outlets this past month.

In case you’ve missed them, here is a recap of the latest headlines…

How to Land the Big Job

Doug Brown, Academic Program Manager for the Online MBA Program offered through our Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, was quoted in a piece entitled “Six Figure Jobs in 2014 Seek Special Tech Talent.” Brown explained how six-figure range positions are a much higher risk for the employer and that prospective employees should target or niche market themselves into a particular industry or role to obtain one of these sought-after positions. Brown was also quoted in an article entitled “Are managers on the endangered list” published on, and another feature entitled “Top executives move without caution and stir innovation” which ran in Investor’s Business Daily.

Fixing the Measuring Stick

Post University President and Founding Dean of the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business Don Mroz authored an article on Performance Metrics for the website In the article, entitled “Do Performance Metrics Capture Today’s Students?,” Mroz explained why models used to gauge success and institutional performance need to expand and evolve. Mroz pointed out that the current model is based on first-time, full-time freshman as the benchmark for retention and graduation rates. This excludes the large and growing group of adult learners who represent 90 percent of Post University students. These adult students are often balancing work, family and other responsibilities with their education, so it can take them longer than six years to earn an undergraduate degree. Yet, traditional retention and graduation rates are based only on the first-time, full-time students who graduate within six years.

Never Too Early for Technology 

Jill Buban, Dean of The School of Education, was quoted in a Nickelodeon’s Parents Blog article entitled “Tablets are tops for two year olds,” where she calls the use of tablets and smartphones a “unique educational opportunity” for children before school. Buban does caution that young children should not spend too much time with a tablet and recommends no more than 30 minutes at a time with the device.

Post on the Cutting Edge

Director of Graduate Business Programs Steve Paulone, provided insight on the flexibility of MBA programs at Post University for a Hartford Business Journal feature.  In the article Paulone explained how Post keeps its quality high by focusing on outcomes-based education and listening to what employers want out of graduates.

Keeping an Eye on Coworkers

Chris Szpryngel, Co-Director of the Undergraduate Business School, was quoted in a article entitled “Secret signs a coworker is jumping ship.” In the article, Szpryngel points out some of the signs that a person may be pursuing other careers, including taking frequent trips to the copier or printer to print their resume while on the job.

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