Friday, August 16, 2013

Jumpstart your career before Labor Day

How to jumpstart your career before fall
GET AHEAD: Beach days aren't just for R&R anymore
Do you believe in the “summer lulls”? If you ask me, they’re a myth. In fact, the dog days of summer are a prime opportunity to race right past your competition while they’re snoozing on the beach.

Don’t just fall into quiet “recharge” time, take control of it. Whether you’re in the job market, vying for a promotion, or looking to boost your own business, there’s a lot you can do in the coming weeks to improve your success rate.

To bolster your career and fire up your momentum through September and beyond, check out these five steps to boost your output before Labor Day in my latest contribution to Wired’s Innovation Insights. Come fall, you’ll be glad you did – and chances are, so will your employer, vendors, and customers!

How to jumpstart your career before fall