Thursday, May 16, 2013

Couple pairs up on earning master's degrees

PAIR OF GRADS: Bill and Teressa Tanner earned
their master's degrees together
Married couples have a number of tasks and activities they do together -- raising a family, running a household, managing finances, and hopefully taking some vacation time in between! But it's not often you find a couple that goes back to school together to earn their master's degrees.

Yet Sgt. William Tanner (who goes by Bill) and his wife, Teressa, did just that. The Danbury, Conn., couple and parents of three walked home from Post University's 123rd Commencement on May 4 with master's degrees in hand. Bill graduated from Post's Online MPA Degree Program and Teressa earned her Master of Science in Human Services Degree (MSHSV).

Usually it's challenging enough when one spouse goes back to school, since couples and families are adjusting their schedules to incorporate classes and school work. But the Tanners both went back to school at the same time. As a result, they learned a lot about how to balance school, work, and home as adult learners -- successfully, we might add!

We talked to them a few days before Commencement last week to hear their story. The couple got to the nut of what going back to school as adult learners and parents is really like, including:
  • How they incorporated classes and school work into their schedules
  • When they found time to study
  • How they kept on top of all life's other responsibilities
  • The impact going back to school had on their relationship and family
  • The reward they are giving themselves for completing their master's degrees
Take a listen to our interview, or read the transcript at the bottom of this post. You can also download the interview to listen to it on the go.

The Tanners have specific reasons for earning their master's degrees, which they discuss in our interview. Bill is a sergeant in the patrol division at the Wilton Police Department and wants to move up into a lieutenant position, which requires an MPA degree.

Teressa works for the private non-profit agency Midwestern Connecticut Council on Alcoholism, and started earning her MSHSV to expand her knowledge and gain a higher position. She has recently moved from a coordinator position to a case management position, which she wouldn't have been able to do without her Post University degree.

There are many more stories like the Tanners -- 989 total, to be exact. We're celebrating each and every one of them as our graduates move on from their Post University experiences to open new doors with their college degrees. We hope to share more Post University 2013 graduate stories on our blog, so keep your eyes peeled. We also have photos and other Commencement coverage in the hopper, so it'll be easiest to bookmark our graduation 2013 tag to get all graduation updates! Maybe you'll be part of one!


Janelle: Greetings everyone. I am Janelle Kozyra, blogger for Post University. Today we have two special guests with us for a podcast, Sgt. William Tanner, Bill for short, and his wife, Teressa Tanner. They are both graduating as part of the Class of 2013. Bill is getting his MPA degree and Teressa is getting her MSHSV degree. They are coming to the culmination of their journey together. So it's exciting to have you both on the line with us. Welcome Bill and Teressa.

Bill and Teressa: Thank you.

Janelle: So graduation is just a few days away now, so I'm sure there's a lot of excitement going on in the Tanner household.