Integrate laughter into your innovation culture

If you’re like many businesspeople, you have probably seen a swath of news articles talking about why you should be more innovative and how to create a culture of innovation on your team or in your organization. But while the importance of innovation can’t be expressed enough, we believe that it doesn’t have to be a weighty or stressful imperative wrought onto an organization. It should be fun!

And I have several ideas supporting just that notion — and which we continue to use successfully at Post University. You can read them in the article I contributed to Wired magazine, “Laughter marks a successful culture of innovation.” It lays out eight ways to foster a culture of innovation in your workplace. All the ideas are lightweight, don’t require any expenses, and can be started today. I hope they inspire you! Thank you to the editors of Wired for publishing my piece!

Screen shot of site article


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