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We’ve had a number of announcements this month — main campus tuition is staying the same, 80-year-old Charlotte Butler enrolled in Post University, and the Neag School of Education Alumni Society honored Child Studies Professor Patrice Farquharson. Several media have been sharing these and other University news stories, so we thought we’d recap some of the latest headlines in case you missed them.

2013-03-18 15_50_07-Post Bucks Tuition Trend
Post University keeps tuition down

Some of the biggest news to come out of our University lately has been the announcement that Post University is keeping tuition the same for campus students in 2013/14. Several media have covered the news, including Connecticut Business News JournalConnecticut Post’s Education Matters blog, WATR 1320 AM, and Waterbury Republican-American.

This comes against a backdrop of rising college costs across the nation, and in Connecticut in particular — a trend we are striving to help turn around in our efforts to provide an affordable, high-quality private school education.

Assessing the value of college and online education

Getting the most value from your college education has been top of mind for nearly all students in the face of rising educational costs. Fox Business’ Emily Driscoll wrote about some ways students can get the most ROI from their college investment, and featured some insights from Chris Szpryngel, Academic Program Manager for Management at The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University.

Online education enrollment rose 9.3 percent in fall 2011, which is making it increasingly important for students to understand the benefits of online education and determine if it’s a fit for them. Emily Driscoll featured some insights from Frank Mulgrew, President of the Online Education Institute at Post University, to help students decide if online education is right for them.

2013-03-26 09_27_10-Do You Have What it Takes to be an Online Student_ _ Fox BusinessAlso along these lines, many high school seniors are now evaluating their acceptance letters and trying to decide which college is right for them, based on financials, as well as several other important factors.

Emily Driscoll wrote about some pointers to help high school seniors in their college selection process, and included advice from Veronica Montalvo, Vice President of Online Education Institute Enrollment Management at Post University.

Honing your leadership skills

You’re familiar with “entrepreneurship,” but what about “intrapreneurship?” Fox Business’ Emily Driscoll recently covered intrapreneurship, which is when employees are innovative and creative leaders within their own companies. She turned to Doug Brown, Academic Program Manager for Post University’s Online MBA Program, for some insights on the characteristics of successful intrapreneurs. If you’re looking for more details, Doug will be blogging about intrapreneurship here soon.

You can be an intrapreneur at any age, but we also shared some leadership advice for those under 40 in particular. Veronica Montalvo contributed an article to Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education about how to achieve success before age 40. You can read it on page 13 of the Feb. 4 edition.

2013-03-18 _ How to Get Your Business in Shape This YearAnd lastly, New Year’s resolutions are often made once a year, but rarely followed. That’s why Doug Brown wrote an article for Inspiyr about how to get your business in shape for the new year with ideas you can carry through with for 12 months. In that same vein, Doug Brown has also blogged about five New Year’s resolutions that every business owner should make to improve their companies’ health in 2013.


College and university CIOs should be minding their cloud

Campus Technology covered why educational institutions should start their cloud migration efforts with their admissions offices, which is where institutions could see some of the most return on their investments. Writer David LaMartina tapped Post University CIO Mike Statmore for insight into our approach of using Oracle’s cloud-based CRM On Demand to manage our admissions process. Mike has also written about our Oracle implementation on our blog.

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