Ex Post Facto

You probably know that cartoonist Dave Blazek normally shares some of his humorous creations on our blog. Usually, they poke fun at the life of an adult learner and student. But since we also blog about business and careers, we asked Dave to come up with a cartoon within that flavor to bring some more variety to our cartoon series, Ex Post Facto.

To that end, I bring you the latest Dave Blazek original.

Cartoon of man at desk talking to another man beside, talking about being creative because he wore a less gray suit

We thought this was a perfect addition to our cartoon series, since corporate innovation and creativity are at the heart of our Online MBA ProgramThe Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, and our approach to education as a whole.

Does this cartoon hit home for you? Does it remind you of any of your experiences with embracing innovation or being more creative at your job?

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