Dan Pink on selling: Why we’re all doing it

We’re all in sales. We just might not have realized it. That’s according to best-selling author Dan Pink in his new book, “To Sell is Human.” He cites that one in nine Americans works in sales, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But Dan argues that the other eight are also in sales. We are all trying to persuade, cajole, and convince one another to do something, from pitching a prospect to getting our kids to go to sleep.

Dan Pink

Dan Pink, best-selling author of “To Sell is Human”

We interviewed him to talk more about the ideas in his book, including:

  • Why there’s no such thing as a natural-born salesperson
  • How we’ve shifted from a world of buyer beware to a world of seller beware
  • How the new order of “information equality” between buyers and sellers is shaping our behaviors
  • Why the ABCs of selling are no longer “always be closing,” but rather comprise attunement, buoyancy, and clarity
  • Why strong extroverts are actually not effective salespeople — and who is
  • The three abilities we need to improve to become better salespeople, and tips for mastering each
  • The best news that Dan’s book reveals about us as humans
  • What sort of person you can become by embracing the ideas and advice in Dan’s book

It was a fascinating interview that shows why we’re all salespeople and how we can use that to transform what we do at work, school, and home. Listen in to the podcast or read the transcript. You can also download the mp3 so you can listen to it on the go.

To Sell is HumanIf the interview grabs you, pick up a copy of “To Sell is Human.”

Thanks, Dan, for joining us on our blog!


Janelle: Greetings, everyone. I’m Janelle Kozyra, blogger for Post University. Today I have with me an exciting guest, Dan Pink, whom many at Post University are big fans of. So welcome to the podcast, Dan. It’s great to have you with us.

Dan: Hey, Janelle. It’s great to be here.

Janelle: So Dan is the author of five books, including some long-time New York Times best-sellers, “A Whole New Mind” and “Drive.” And his latest book is “To Sell Is Human,” which is now also a New York Times best seller, Wall Street Journal business best seller, and a Washington Post non-fiction best seller.


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