And the winner of our latest Facebook sweepstakes is …

Last month, we celebrated National Distance Learning Week 2012 by creating an interactive infographic showing the evolution of distance learning in higher education.

In our infographic, several higher education experts weighed in with their predictions on what’s next for distance learning and online education. And, we also asked YOU to tell us your prediction on our Facebook page for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Gift card graphicWe’ve closed submissions, and randomly selected a winner. Now, ladies and gentleman, it’s time to announce that lucky entrant. Drum roll, please …

Congratulations, Kris Rodriguez, from New York! We hope you enjoy your gift card!

Kris’s prediction for the future of distance learning and online education was “more interactive, two-way communication.”

There were many thought-provoking predictions on our Facebook page, and we wanted to share a few more that we found interesting:

  • “Classes and tests in the future will be conducted via wireless connections to tablet computers and/or smart phones. Some of those classes will be conducted in several different languages with the tablets/phones providing appropriate, real-time translations.” – Richard Silver
  • “I honestly feel that distance learning and online learning will replace the majority of on-site universities. It will be easier, more convenient, or more enticing to learn online.” – Beverly Payton
  • “I predict that the future of distance learning will involve life-size, state-of-the-art web cams, where it will seem you are sitting right in the classroom with your fellow classmates and professor, while still sitting in your living room, bedroom, etc.” – Constance Allan
  • “Holographic simulation run by artificial intelligence.” – Phillip Stacy
  • “I think the next milestone will be distance education tailored to the way an individual best learns. For example, an individual who indicates or tests out that audio learning is the most effective, would have the material presented in such a way that it emphasizes audio instruction coupled with other forms of learning that as a whole allows the individual to demonstrate competency in that course or subject matter.” – Wendy Wallach

What do you think of any of these predictions? Thank you to everyone who participated in our sweepstakes and shared their thoughts.

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