The 5 most extreme college parents (INFOTOON)

College parents are a unique breed. Believe us, we know — not only because we talk with them every day, but because many of us are college parents too! We walk that fine line between caring for our child, and hovering over their every move. But can you blame us? After all, for 18 years, many of us did our children’s laundry, cooked their suppers, and made sure they had an umbrella with them when it was supposed to rain.

But sometimes, things can get a little extreme. Take for instance, a college parent who calls, texts, and emails her child to make sure he or she turned in a paper on time. Or a parent who calls his daughter’s roommate to ask her to stop waking his daughter up so early in the morning. Little much? Probably!

If you take a step back, though, there can be some good-faith humor in some of the more “extreme” behaviors of college parents. After all, it’s all done out of love!

So we thought it’d be fun to create an infotoon on our blog highlighting some of the kinds of behavior parents of our students have exhibited over the years. Our team got together to reminisce about some of the more extreme things college parents have been known to do.

Then we enlisted the help of our world-renowned cartoonist, Dave Blazek, to pick the five most extreme college parents from our list, and visualize them in cartoons. He put all the cartoons together, tied them up with a bow, and the result was this:

Parent cartoon

Do you see yourself in the mix? Is your parent represented here? Which one? Have a funny story to share? Tell us what you think in the comments!

We hope this gets some good laughs! But at the end of the day, we hope this celebrates college parents for the great people they are, and everything they do to care for their children. College parents might seem a little extreme at times, but that’s what being a good parent is all about! Kudos to all the college parents out there, and students, you can thank us later! 😉

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