How to overcome challenges to using Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and wikis in education

Many instructors are using blogs and wikis in their classes. Some are also using other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to improve student learning and increase student engagement.

But one of the biggest challenges these instructors face is encouraging students to use these social media technologies frequently and appropriately for the course. Some students might not pick up the technologies, and others might use their classroom Twitter time to socially network for their own personal reasons.

Jerald D. Cole, Ed.D., Chair of the Department of Instructional Technology at the University of Bridgeport, presented some solutions to this at Post University’s Online Learning Conference 2012. Jerry covered his approach for using a variety of social media platforms in education, including how you can redirect students’ energy for using social media into outlets that benefit their education.

For instance, Jerry discussed how instructors and educational institutions can require students to have Facebook pages for instructor and peer engagement, and can set up required tweeting during class that feeds into their grades.

Jerry’s advice and tips are worth a listen. Hit play below for his strategies on using social media to improve both on-site and online learning.


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