How to create more engaging audio/visual content for your online courses

Many instructors create audio/visual content for their online courses to provide their students with additional information on the subject matter they’re teaching. This can range from videos to presentations to PDFs and more, all of which are generally created by the instructor quickly and easily. As you probably know, this process is known as rapid authoring and response.

The ongoing challenge to this, however, is developing content that is engaging. Most SMEs are not technology experts, and as a result, might not know the best ways to use certain hardware and software to create highly engaging content.

If you’re looking for some pointers in this regard, tune in to the audio presentation below — “Being Present Online: Increasing Student Engagement with Rapid Authoring and Audio Visual Content” from Post University’s Online Learning Conference 2012.

You’ll hear from presenters Claude Beaumier Abbott, M.Ed., Adjunct Faculty at Post University and Naugatuck Valley Community College; and Tom Abbott, Academic Program Manager for Business Administration at Post University. They shared some great rapid authoring and response tools, methods, and techniques to create highly engaging content. Listen in for new ideas you haven’t tried yet. After you’re done, let us know if you have more tips to add to Claude and Tom’s presentation.

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