Back to college at my age, with a job and family?

We recently had a chat with Carlos Nunes for our blog. Carlos is like many adult learners. He has a family. He has a job. In fact, he already has a degree, too — a master’s in theology. But when he wanted to make a career change into human services, Carlos realized his theology background wouldn’t help him much. Carlos needed a master’s degree in human services, including education in drug and alcohol counseling.

He assumed getting his second college degree would be challenging at his age. An adult taking college courses? How would he fit in? He’d also have to juggle work and family with studying and exams. How would he keep up?

It wasn’t until he started attending Post University, though, that he changed his mind. He began studying in Post University’s Online Master of Science in Human Services program, concentrating in drug and alcohol counseling. The support he received “broke a major barrier,” he says. Not only did the faculty and staff help him believe he could succeed in getting his master’s degree as a working adult, but they motivated him to continue learning.

You see, Carlos has always wanted to be a college professor. He’s held a number of teaching positions in theology over the years, and dreamed of going the distance and attaining professorship. He never thought he’d be able to reach that level though, and left the possibility behind years ago.

But Carlos says his passion to become a professor was reinvigorated when he attended Post University — so much so, that once Carlos graduates from Post University this May, he’ll be starting the doctoral program at the University of Hartford in June.

There’s much more to Carlos’ story than this. I encourage you to listen to our interview with him, where he talks about why he went back to school, how he succeeded as an adult learner, and why, as he says, “there’s no age limit for learning.”

What do you think of Carlos’ story?


  1. Age does not a big hindrance to learn and achieve our dreams and goals.
    great job!

  2. It has been an absolute pleasure to share learning experiences with Carlos in the graduate program at Post. I am confident that he will become all that he aspires to be. He is able to command the interest and responses of others when sharing his life's, collegiate, and drug and alcohol counseling expertise with his fellow classmates. His comments were always content rich and well executed. As we continued our coursework our schedules were no longer as compatible as they were at the start of the program he pursued the Drug Addiction concentration while I sought after the Clinical track. I miss our classroom discussions dearly. Carlos has maintained communication with me beyond the classroom and through our exchanges he has encouraged me to pursue my education further as well. He is a stellar role model and a bona fide friend and I am glad our paths crossed. It would be an honor to be a witness to Carols achieving his next level of greatness.
    Thank you for inspiring me,
    Sanji Lawrence

  3. It is an amazing interview for its goal and Carlos's will of going on studying. It is really awesome how Post University does its job – educating people and helping them go over their barriers.

  4. Katey thanks for the post about Carlos, im actually facing the same scenario and reading about this is making my choice easier, fitting in tho, is not an issue, thats more a teenager thing – wasting energy on fitting in 🙂

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