Friday, May 27, 2011

58-year-old proves it's never too late to go back to school

The Post University Master of Education program is filled with students of all ages who come from all different walks of the education sector. From my perspective as dean, that's what makes it such an exciting program to lead.

A wonderful example of that is one of our students who recently walked across the Post University stage at age 58 to collect her second online master's degree from our university. As MaryAnn Gardner said at the beginning of her second degree, "I know many people my age are thinking about retirement. I thought about, no, I'm just starting! So I'm going to really launch into this. I love the field that I'm in and I wanted to continue my education as a lifelong learner."

MaryAnn got her online master's degree in human services a couple of years ago, followed by her online master's degree in education this May. She's planning to use what most would consider the last years of their career to make even greater strides as an intervention specialist.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post University graduation 2011, in pictures

I have to start this post off by saying congratulations to the Class of 2011! You did it!

Post University's graduation on May 7 was a wonderful event. The weather was beautiful, the campus looked spectacular in full springtime bloom, and the air was filled with the excitement of recognizing an important milestone in the lives of more than 500 Post University graduates who are now looking forward to embarking on the next great chapter in their lives.

Although not all of our graduates were able to make it to our 121st commencement, we had a great showing, with about 400 grads coming to walk in front of their family and friends. Special congrats are in order for our undergraduate co-valedictorians, William Anton Jens of Watertown, Conn., and Matthew Ouellette of Bristol, Conn., who were photographed as part of the RepublicanAmerican's coverage of Post University's graduation.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Online Master of Education graduate puts new Post University degree to the test

Joey Vaughn with son Joseph
As dean of Post University's School of Education, May 7 was as exciting a day for me as it was for 400 of Post University's 2011 graduates who walked on stage, got their diplomas, switched their tassels, and formally graduated.

My excitement especially focused on the first 12 graduates of Post University's new Master of Education (M.Ed.) online program. I'm proud of all the hard work and dedication they've put into earning an online degree from Post University. Each of our graduates has made a valuable contribution to his/her education context through the wonderful variety of worthy capstone projects.

From new professional development programs, to conversion of an on-ground orientation program, to an online program for Save the Children, to a summer college transition program for students with autism, our students have left a mark on changing the future of education.

Graduation time is perfect for reflection, when we can look back on the year and reflect on our students' achievements. Many students have shared their Graduate Stories on our website. Their incredible journeys are inspiring as many have worked so hard to achieve their goals.

Other Post University students have shared their stories on our blog, like Felicia Scott and Christine DeJesus. Today, I wanted to bring you the story of Joey Vaughn, the first graduate of our online Master of Education program.

Friday, May 13, 2011

How a sport management graduate is keeping his eye on the ball

Frantzy Noze, Post University Class of '11
Frantzy Noze has had his eye on the ball his entire life. One of those balls is getting his degree in sport management, which he just earned this past weekend when he graduated from Post University.

The other is playing soccer professionally. He grew up playing the sport, and has been an integral player on Post University's soccer team for the past four years.

Since he realizes how competitive the sport is, he also has a solid backup plan to have a successful career in sport management if pro ball is out of his reach.

They're lofty goals, but Frantzy has a clear strategy for how he'll make it happen.

Online degrees: How to stay motivated

Despite the rapid growth in online learning over the past decade, educators continue to face the challenge of keeping adults students motivated to learn and complete their degree. Many adult learners, already facing an overflowing agenda distended with family and career responsibilities, are often disheartened at the prospect of adding yet another item to their schedule.

Online education platforms and other technologies that accompany them can sometimes push adult learners out of their cherished comfort zone and into a state of lower engagement. In facing this inevitable cycle, crafty educators can explore solutions to improve intrinsic and extrinsic motivation within adult learners to heighten the online learning experience.