Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why a retired Navy Seabee says Post University's Online MBA Program was a challenge 'worth undertaking'

Kenneth Tolley, Post University MBA grad
You've got to love LinkedIn. It's a powerful tool to network with colleagues of course, but it's also a great way to get our students' unvarnished feedback when they leave us a testimonial on our university page.

Not too long ago, we saw that Kenneth Tolley, 2010 graduate of Post University's Online MBA Program, submitted a testimonial, unsolicited by us. What he wrote grabbed our attention and made us feel very proud. Here's just a snippet of what he had to say:

"I am a Navy Veteran and Post University is without a doubt the best private University for any new Active duty or retired U.S. Veteran college student ... The MBA program at Post University was for me the hardest thing I have done yet in my life. It was an overwhelming challenge but one worth undertaking."

We thought that was an impressive statement, considering Kenneth's military experience. He spent 20 years as a Navy Seabee before retiring in 2009. He's now Assistant Program Manager for NCI Information Systems outside of Washington, D.C.

We wanted to learn more about why Kenneth found his education at Post University to be so rewarding, and how he thought our school supported him as a military service member and adult learner.

So we reached out to him to see if he'd be willing to be interviewed on our blog. To our delight, he was. Here's our podcast interview with Kenneth, where we got more of his impartial assessment of his experience at Post University.

Listen in as we discuss
  • How the GI Bill affected Kenneth's higher education decisions
  • What he looked for in an MBA program
  • How he's applying his Post University education and using his MBA degree in his civilian career
  • What it was about Post University's support for military personnel as well as adult learners that made Kenneth decide it was the right school for him
Thanks, Kenneth, for sharing your story with us!