Post University community, this one’s for you

Being a part of Post University — whether as a student, parent, member of our faculty and staff, or local community partner — is exciting and rewarding during any time. But the experience is even more memorable when you’re involved during the time of a milestone or important accomplishment.

It’s like going to see your favorite sports team play. It’s always fun and exciting during the regular season. But when you go to the World Series, it’s even more thrilling. (Rangers and Cardinals fans, you know what I’m talking about! We can only continue to think fondly of our Sox, Yankees, and Phillies … next year?)

Right now is one of those times for Post University. We’ve had a lot going on lately, and just this past Tuesday it hit me that all the excitement, energy, and passion around campus makes it feel like playoff atmosphere. It happened when former Conn. Gov. John Rowland and Pastor Will Marotti were interviewing me on their CBS radio show, “State and Church.”

The pair asked me about the latest goings-on at Post University. We were talking about our 150 new hires last year, becoming the largest provider of online education in the state, and our burgeoning athletics that’s pitting our Eagles against Penn, Cornell, Princeton, Army, Navy, and others.

As I was relating all this, I realized how far we’ve come during our 122-year history. It feels great to be able to be a part of it, writing the latest chapter in our school’s history. And as we continue to build and strengthen our local community relationships, we’re helping shape the latest chapter in Waterbury’s history as well.

I thought I’d share our interview with you so you can learn about some of the what’s going on at Post University, and my views on what they mean for students, faculty and staff, and local business owners.

Thanks for being a part of Post University. And thanks for having me on, Governor and Pastor.

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  1. Hi my name is Tyrone i'm an online student, and i'm glad i decided to continue my education at post university. post has a lot to offer their students, and the staff is always there to help the students

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