Hold up, wait a minute, let Post University put some spirit in it!

When I first joined the Post University team in 2005, we had an enrollment of about 60 Accelerated Degree Program students. I’ve been privileged to play an integral role in the program’s surge to more than 7,500 students strong today.

We’ve also seen growth on our main campus. Last week, we welcomed the largest-ever group of students to our main campus for the start of the fall semester.

Welcoming so many new team members to the Post University family and watching the changes on campus as a result of the $5.1 million in renovations adds to the list of reasons it’s so exciting to be a part of Post University today!

I think I speak for the entire team when I say that there’s never been a more appropriate time to share in some good old-fashioned school spirit and get the 2011-2012 year off to a strong start!

And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since last Thursday, when we kicked off our 2011 Spirit Week to celebrate the dedicated faculty and staff that work hard to support our students and sustain Post University’s reputation as a great place to work.

This year’s Spirit Week runs through Saturday, Sept. 17, and consists of various team-building activities centered on university pride and spirit.

To start things off, faculty, staff, students, and friends put our card-making talents to work on Thursday for our 3rd annual Cards for Smiles. This initiative aims to inspire, encourage, and brighten the lives of cancer patients at two local and well-deserving hospitals with hand-made greeting cards.

As a cancer survivor, I’ve experienced the magic of art, humor, and sparkle glue in my own recovery! Last year, Post staff and students contributed nearly 300 of the 400+ cards that were donated to another local hospital.

We will be collecting cards through the end of Spirit Week, so we encourage all departments to continue crafting. Together, we will once again make a difference in many lives … ONE CARD and ONE SMILE at a time!

On Monday, the campus came alive with green and white when many members of the Post University teams showed their pride by wearing their favorite school gear to celebrate the day’s Spirit Week wardrobe theme.

Yesterday, the campus was full of crazy hat-and-tie-clad employees. Teams were abuzz when picking the themes that will kick off the Team/Pod Challenge. Teams, pods, or departments must chose a common theme (i.e. movie, cartoon, sitcom, play) and dress up or decorate their pods and offices accordingly.

Staff members also contributed baby pictures that will be used in a friendly manager competition later in the week.

Today is Time Warp Day, so employees are wearing clothes from their favorite decades; tomorrow is Pajama Day; Friday is Tropical Day; and Saturday is Favorite Sports Jersey/Jeans Day.

Today is also the last day for staff to nominate fellow teammates for the “Post University Highest Spirit Award(s)!” Nominees should consistently demonstrate a high level of pride in Post University, and provide exemplary internal and external customer service.

Keep a lookout for more information on the Post University Masquerade Ball, our annual winter gathering and team-building activity.

I look forward to everyone’s participation and support in the rest of the week’s activities. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our students, and for making Post University a great place to work.

Here’s to a great year!

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