Does Google+ have a place in the classroom?

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The wheels are already turning about how Google+ could potentially play a role in education. From where I sit, I think there is a lot of potential for Google Plus in the classroom.

ReadWriteWeb recently featured Audrey Watters’ outlook for Google+ in education. She explained the positives and negatives she sees in implementing this new and widely popular social platform in schools.

I agree there are two sides to the coin, because I foresee many opportunities coming from Google+ as an educational technology, as well as challenges. I added my thoughts in a comment on Audrey’s article, so hop over to see my take on Google+ in the classroom. What are your thoughts?


  1. There are advantages and disadvantages of google plus but advantages are stronger then weakness of google plus and that is the main plus point of gplus. Nice sharing, especially link of Audrey.

  2. Yes I think Google+ could play a role in education. Google docs are already an important resource in education and I think this trend will continue. However, I don’t think this is necessarily the main question but rather how educational institutions take on new interactive technology in the classroom. There is still mistrust with new technology and some is well founded concerning privacy. Privacy is fundamental and schools have a duty of care to their students.

  3. It’s only natural for social platforms to get integrated into the learning experience. I believe it’s beneficial to integrate social media into the educational process because in the “real” world, people are more and more using social media in day to day business. A few examples I can think of are community boards on CRMs like Salesforce, company groups on LinkedIn, and most companies now have fansites to help branding.

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