Post University graduation 2011, in pictures

I have to start this post off by saying congratulations to the Class of 2011! You did it!

Post University’s graduation on May 7 was a wonderful event. The weather was beautiful, the campus looked spectacular in full springtime bloom, and the air was filled with the excitement of recognizing an important milestone in the lives of more than 500 Post University graduates who are now looking forward to embarking on the next great chapter in their lives.

Although not all of our graduates were able to make it to our 121st commencement, we had a great showing, with about 400 grads coming to walk in front of their family and friends. Special congrats are in order for our undergraduate co-valedictorians, William Anton Jens of Watertown, Conn., and Matthew Ouellette of Bristol, Conn., who were photographed as part of the RepublicanAmerican’s coverage of Post University’s graduation.

We also snapped some photos ourselves, and you can view our slide show here. See if the camera caught you!

For the second consecutive year, we videotaped graduation via a live video feed for those who were not able to attend in person. Watch our blog for the video footage.

You also can browse our graduate profiles to learn more about some of Post University’s graduates’ journeys. If you filled out a graduate profile, share it with family, friends, and anyone else who’s helped you along the way!

To all my fellow Class of 2011 graduates, I wish you the best of luck. Please stay in touch!


  1. This is a joke. Did the university even list the names of the students who graduated? There is no kind of recognition for your hard work at this school. There is no dean’s list, no president’s list; just a please remember to sign up for the next module list.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Post University proudly included all the names of our graduates in our Commencement Program, as well as on our live video feed of Commencement, which was available via the Internet to those graduates, friends and family members who could not travel to our campus to attend in person. We were delighted to welcome nearly 400 of our 500 graduates to our Commencement ceremony, which took place on campus on Saturday, May 7. The photos included on our website are a small sampling of those taken during the day’s festivities.

  3. I agree with Anonymous. I attended a school before this and after every term, if you were on the dean's list or pres' list, they mailed you a certificate along with listing it on their web site. There should be some kind of recognition given. It gives students a sense of accomplishment. It helps them by allowing them to see a little piece of their hard work in this digital age. I love this school. They just need to pay more attention to the ones who pay their bills.

  4. Thank you for this feedback, and congratulations on your academic achievements! We agree that it’s important to formally recognize all students who do outstanding work at the University. We are working on a process to ensure that all students who make the Dean’s List receive recognition beyond their individual grade reports. We’ll keep you posted!

  5. Any update on this? I finally just found the requirements to make the President's list or Dean's list and am on target. I'm wondering if I'll be notified somehow once I complete the required credits next mod?

  6. Yes, if you are named to the Dean’s or President’s List, you will be notified by the University. The list is posted three times a year in December, May and August.

    -Don Mroz, Ph.D.

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