Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Staff Sergeant Sean Pabey says Post University’s Erica Fitzgerald has gone 'above and beyond her duties'

The men and women of our military live by the call of duty. It's what wakes them up in the morning. Instills their sense of pride and accomplishment. Safeguards our great country.

Going above and beyond the call of duty is what makes heroes, whether on or off the field. And in Staff Sergeant Sean Pabey's eyes, Erica Fitzgerald fits the bill.

SSG Pabey is an active duty service member enrolled in Post University's online Business Administration program. Erica is his Academic Advisor.

SSG Pabey recently wrote a letter to Stephanie Staffey, Post University's Director of Advising, about why he believes Erica has gone, as he says, "above and beyond her duties." We've pasted it below, verbatim.

His words speak volumes about what it means to us to serve our military students. Thank you, SSG Pabey, for your letter and your service to our country.

Dear Mrs. Staffey,

My name is Sean Pabey; I am currently a student in the Post University online BSBA program, all while being an active duty service member in the United States Army. I would like to formerly recognize and acknowledge the exceptional performance and professionalism portrayed by Post University Academic Advisor, Erica Fitzgerald.

I have been a student with Post University since June, 2009. … When Mrs. Fitzgerald took over as my advisor in April 2010, she immediately made contact with me to inform me that she would be my academic advisor from here on out. Since then she has remained in constant communication with me through email and telephone calls, advising me on which classes I should take for the upcoming modules at the time I was approaching the half way mark of the current module I was in. She also made it a point to map out the remaining classes in my degree program 6 modules out so that my schedule wasn't overwhelmed like the time I had taken both accounting classes in the same module. Due to her extraordinary knowledge of the course work and class descriptions, my schedule was perfectly mapped out to where I never had a module that was too overbearing for me to handle, especially given the fact that I am active duty military and still have a highly demanding job to perform on top of attending school. Mrs. Fitzgerald would send out reminder emails that registration is open for upcoming modules, and if I had not registered in a timely manner, I would receive a reminder phone call from Mrs. Fitzgerald about registration, which she would then enroll for me via my guidance over phone or email.

Where Mrs. Fitzgerald has gone above and beyond her duties, and her exceptional performance and professionalism is in the fact that anytime I have called with questions pertaining to subjects that her job does not entitle, she has always put me in communication with the right person at that moment in time, instead of just giving me a contact number and sending me on my way, which would be considered the bare minimum. I have spoken with Mrs. Fitzgerald numerous times throughout her time as my academic advisor on many different subjects outside of her job duties, such as Post's MBA program and resume writing. As a result of our conversations, Mrs. Fitzgerald had set up a conference call with the MBA's Program Manager and the Director of Student Services for her and myself to discuss my questions and concerns in order to receive the correct answers and help I was seeking.

I have friends that are attending colleges throughout the nation, from junior colleges to highly respectable four year universities. When I speak to them about my academic advisor and the exceptional job she does for me on any subject, and the fact that I can always reach her via telephone or email the same day, they are in disbelief at the professionalism I receive. Their advisors for the most part, are unreachable, do not respond to them in a timely manner, only see their students once a semester, and do not effectively map out which classes they are to take each semester in order to graduate in a timely fashion. As a result of this my friends are spending more time in school taking only 2-3 classes each semester that actually pertain to their degree programs, with the other classes being meaningless.

Mrs. Fitzgerald has displayed an extraordinary level of professionalism by always staying ahead of her duties when it comes to being my academic advisor. She has always gone beyond what is required of her to give me the information I seek whether it be track down book orders, make sure that my tuition issues were taken care of, or continuously follows my progress when it pertains to anything I do within Post. Her positive attitude day in and day out when dealing with students has been more than what anyone can ask of an employee. Never has Mrs. Fitzgerald expressed any personal issues or let personal issues affect her daily duties or reflect in her attitude when speaking with me.

Per everything Mrs. Fitzgerald has helped me accomplish, and the exemplary service I have received from her as my academic advisor, I would like to recommend that if Post University has an Employee of the Month/Quarter/Year recognition, that Mrs. Fitzgerald receives this award/recognition for the outstanding job performance and professionalism she continuously displays throughout each day. It is my personal experience with her that makes me feel like Post University is an establishment that actually cares about their students to the fullest extent, and it is because of her that I am planning on continuing my education with Post University to receive my MBA.

Sean Pabey