Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Questions with Deron Grabel: seeing eye-to-eye on internships

1. You just received your Doctor of Education in Sport Management from the United States Sports Academy by successfully defending your dissertation entitled Sport Management Internships: Undergraduate Student and Practitioner Perceptions and Expectations. Can you tell us a little about your topic and why you chose it for your dissertation?

When I was in undergraduate school I had a fantastic internship working with the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball at their spring training facility. I saw how important an internship was to getting a job in the sports field. I’ve always been a big believer in internships and I’ve always pushed our students to pursue internships. With my research, I wanted to make sure the practitioners expectations of the internship lined up with what the student expected the internship to be.  My thought process was that with both parties on the same page this would lead to the best possible internship.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Post Experience: Tim Farrell, going inside the NFL

Millions of Americans will turn on their televisions this fall and watch NFL football. Very few of those people though, will ever get the behind the scenes look inside the NFL that recent Post University graduate Tim Farrell has had for the majority of 2014.

Farrell spent the spring semester and summer working with the Kansas City Chiefs. After completing a successful internship with the organization, the Thomaston, Conn. native was asked to return to Missouri and take on a part-time Marketing Assistant role with the team during their summer training camp.

“Plain and simple, having the Kansas City Chiefs on your resume when you’re looking for a job in the sports industry is huge,” Farrell said. “The experiences I’ve had and the contacts I’ve built have been amazing.”

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Post Experience: Seth Duke, staying on the cutting edge

The business world is a constantly evolving entity. Shouldn’t business schools evolve with it?

I found this to be exactly the case at Post University’s Malcolm Baldrige School of Business. Attending their business program, and graduating in 2013 with a Master of Business Administration in Marketing, has changed my career.

Several years ago I began a traditional master’s degree in Management at another university.  I eventually left the program after a year as I found the classroom discussions stale and out of date with the real-world experiences that I was gaining in the workplace.  At Post, I found the discussions very timely and the learning environment flexible enough that I could work through real-world problems I was trying to solve in the workplace. I also found the online learning environment more rigorous and challenging than traditional classroom learning, with no place to hide, and no points for merely showing up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sprint football looks forward to success in 2014

In just about two weeks the Post University sprint football team will take the field to start the 2014 season. Expectations are high for the program’s fifth season, after clinching two consecutive winning seasons since beginning play at LaMoy Field in 2012.

The Eagles will find out exactly what they are made of in the season opener on Saturday, Sept. 20 as the Army Black Knights visit Waterbury for the first time. Army has earned the league crown in each of the past two seasons, posting a 7-0 record each year. Post has never defeated Army, falling 38-6 in West Point last season.

Friday, September 5, 2014

5 common writing mistakes to avoid

College students fear writing for a number of reasons. Many students feel like there are too many rules to remember. They think that, no matter how hard they try, their writing will be “wrong” because it breaks some of these rules. While they are correct that there are plenty of rules of grammar and style to adhere to, they often psyche themselves out unnecessarily before ever putting pen to paper (or hand to keyboard).

My advice to students is to keep calm, and recognize  that there are really just a few grammatical errors that comprise the bulk of their writing missteps. If they addressed these errors, they would be 90 percent of the way to a grammatically correct paper.  As the Senior Writing Coach in the Post University Writing Center, here are the top 5 grammatical errors that I recommend students avoid.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Post in the Media: higher education ROI, government jobs and more

Post University faculty and staff have been lending their professional expertise to several media outlets nationwide recently. Here’s a recap of the latest headlines to hit the news:

The rising cost of higher education and the ROI of a college degree
President Don Mroz addressed the rising cost of higher education and the return on investment of a college degree in this Huffington Post interview. Mroz said the key to curbing the cost of college attendance for universities is innovation. Being fiscally responsible by not over-hiring and keeping extras—such as luxury-living suites—to a minimum are things that can be done to keep universities affordable, Mroz said. He also added that schools should factor in student needs and the input of experts in professional fields to produce significant return on investment.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top ten safety tips for college students

While college campuses are some of the safest places to live, there are still some precautions students should take to ensure their college experience remains a safe one with great memories that last a lifetime.  There are some easy, common sense steps that a student could take to remain safe in and around the campus.  Here are ten tips every college student should know and consider before the start of a new school year:

1. Share allergy or health information with your roommates.  Program each other’s emergency contact information into your cell phones.  This information may become vital to emergency responders during a medical emergency.

2. Write down and save campus safety/campus police phone numbers for easy accessibility.  There may be times when you run across suspicious situations when a call to 911 may not be required.  Having these numbers handy will make you more apt to report these types of circumstances so they could be checked out by authorities.